Aggregator tee Mainframe tee Phonograph tee Exploded tee Mixa USB drive Pins Shirt shipping video
Audi Friends CD box and 12-panel booklet 5" minijacket for Joel Harper's FITPACK DVD amaray wrap for YOU workouts Tracy Stern's 6-panel digipak with 12-panel booklet
Cat Power illustration for Hype Machine's 2012 Zeitgeist. Spiderpig tee for Breadpig. Kanye West illustration for Hype Machine's 2010 Zeitgeist. Girls illustration for Hype Machine's 2009 Zeitgeist. Brainlink postcard. Das Kapital Capital logo.
Personal logo. Letterpressed wedding invitations. Letterpressed tea party cards. Spoofs for Hunter College's SPOOF Magazine. "Bazooka Joe" prints.
Aaron Cometbus's handwriting. Better at small sizes. Download. Yes, it's a game for children. I love it. Download.